Baby, where are you?: Abducted child-beggars in China


People in China generally know that most of the child-beggars on the streets of China  were kidnapped from other cities by underground gangs. Some of these child-beggars are even mutilated and tortured to gain more sympathy from the public.

Finally, someone’s doing something about it.

On January 25, 2011, Yu Jianrong, a famous human rights activist and sociologist, launched a Sina microblog in which he called on Chinese netizens to wield their camera lenses, expose child beggars and upload the pictures to the blog, a cause he believed can save the mistreated children and help battle such crimes.

The microblog has sent immense reverberations throughout the country’s cyberspace. 74,834 have followed the microblog and thousands offered their clues and pieces of evidence.

And some parents managed to spot their child from the thousands of posted pictures.


Picture of the kidnapped young boy called Yang Weixin, whose legs were viciously broken, was found by his mother online.


Hopefully this will make you think twice about giving money to child-beggars in China. Perhaps take your camera/smartphone out instead?

Here’s where you can post the pictures and comments about the next child-beggar you see :


qǐtǎo = beg

értóng = child

pāizhào = take a photo

jiějiù = rescue




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